Shirley Radcliff Bruton, poet, modern dancer, choreographer and performance artist, writes her own scripts, directs and stages interdisciplinary artists, as well as unskilled performers to convey her conceptual narratives. Shirley has worked both in California and New York City, where she lived for nine years while working for the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation. She co-founded and directed the Casadesus Radcliff After School Arts Center in New York.

Bruton loves close-up photography and often uses it in her performance work. A macro lens gives her the ability to examine things up close, like woven fabric, hair follicles, eye lashes, sections of the human body, insects, moss, parts of graffiti, wood-grains, etc. It’s similar to her poetry, where she compiles essences and desires, and accesses the tactile to discover and observe life. The subtleties of black and white photography also fascinate her. The mysterious mood it creates is like an entrance into another realm of seeing and is often interpreted as shadows in her poetry.

Shirley began writing poetry about ten years ago. Recently she started sharing her poems with family and friends. One of her poems was selected for the Central Coast Living’s From Soul to Paper. She’s a member of the Friday Night Writers’ Group in San Luis Obispo, www.fridaynightwritersgroup.com, shares her poetry with audiences at open mics, and is currently submitting her work to numerous writing contests. She is honored to be a part of this anthology.

Ms. Radcliff Bruton is also a Certified Yoga Instructor who teaches in rural Atascadero. She lives with her husband Richard Bruton (a.k.a. Dick) and two cats, as well as roaming deer, flying, bathing and nesting birds, and other creatures who wander above and below ground. Shirley can be reached at shirley.bruton[at]gmail.com and on Facebook.