Shirley’s performances read as poems or prose, both within her notes and spoken scripts. This work is not traditional theatre, but rather random, succinct moments seen as collages within a story. “Shirley Henderson (a.k.a. Radcliff Bruton), poet, philosopher, dancer is equally at home with visuals….” Diana Zlotnick, Newsletter on the Arts.


New York
Shifting Companionships, A Clear Space
Desire Caught by the Tail, an excerpt from a Pablo Picasso play, re-arranged and embellished,
Merce Cunningham Dance Studio and The Kitchen
Each Move, Each Move, Each Move, Inroads
The Miller Family Foreword, Whitney Museum of American Art, Downtown
A Ceremony, Larry Richardson’s Gallery

It Was Curious How They Seemed to Perform for Each Other,
Newport Harbor Art Museum and
Exploratorium, California State University Los Angeles
They Turned and Swooped and Fell Into the Force of Gravity Itself,
Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art
310 Prima Vera, Cats Paw Palace and
Municipal Art Gallery Theatre
Things That Move Because of Me, Union Art Gallery, California State University Los Angeles
Some Table and Chair Decisions, Pennsylvania Avenue Studio and Church in Ocean Park; also performed at Entopia Theatre, Athens Greece by permission


Tales from a Rocky Coast, Vol. 1
Atascadero Library, Animal Friends in Art and Poetry
Atascadero Library, Discovery in Art and Poetry Exhibition
The Tribune, Central Coast Living, From Soul to Paper
The Village Voice, Centerfold
The Soho News
The Biennial Report of The Performance Bank
Newsletter on the Arts, Volumes VI, VII, VIII
Los Angeles Times